This past week I was out of town on a business trip with one of my associates. Somehow, the subject of different people and their various professions became the topic of our conversation. As we talked about each of the different types of work I would comment, “I wouldn’t want to do that.”

Finally, my associate said, “Let’s face it Bob, you wouldn’t be happy doing anything other than what you are doing.”

I thought about it for a moment, smiled, and agreed.

Then I sat there and permitted my mind to drift back a number of years to when I first began working. I almost always wished I were doing what someone else was doing. It seemed I was never happy with the job I had.

What happened? What changed? That is a good question and a great lesson is contained in the answer.

Earl Nightingale answered that question in a speech he made many years ago. The title of his speech was, The Business Got Into Me. Earl told a story about a successful businessman and what it was that moved him into the success column.

The businessman explained how he got into business with his company twenty years prior. For the first couple of years nothing much happened. He was very average – not too happy – until one day the business got into him. From that time on, it has been great.

The man suggested it isn’t when we get into the business that is important – it is when the business gets into us. As I thought about my own situation, I could relate to Earl Nightingale’s message and his friend’s advice.

I had spent a number of years waiting for the business to prove itself to me. I had the equation reversed. I had to prove myself to the business. The business would give me what I asked.

Yes, by comparison, I feel I am in the greatest profession in the world – I love what I do. What happened? You guessed it! The business got into me.

How do you like what you do?

Bob Proctor

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